The Underground Kings

My first published novel, now available on Amazon!

It’s June of 2037. You’re nineteen and life just hit you in the face. You’re average, dull, and lazy. So much in fact, you’ve never finished anything difficult in your entire life. You’re scared to grow up. You’re not ready to make it alone. You aren’t strong enough.

Then, you meet the one person that changes everything. The person who proves you can do it. That you can do the things everyone says you can’t do, not because it’s impossible, but because it’s hard. So you build an old car, and pour in your soul, until one day it works. It actually works, because of the person who believed in you all along.

Then you believe in love. Then you believe in friendship. Then you have one chance to change everything, to save yourself, and your family, so you take it. Like always, everything goes wrong, but there is hope this time. There are people you didn’t know just a week ago, that today you’d risk it all for, knowing they would do the same for you. The cars? No, it isn’t about them. They are just tools. Think of them as the rope pulling you and your new friends together, getting you closer and closer to each other and the finish line.

You see the goal. You see the light.

So, together, the three of you strive for it. You yearn for it. You fight for it. You drive for it. Because you know deep down, half the battle is never giving up. Never giving up on each other or yourself, and with that you leap over barriers, cunning your way around anyone that crosses your path. The crooked small-town Sheriff? The mafioso kingpen? The stiff competition of those far better prepared?

You and your friends have 3,000 miles worth of driving to deal with them.

Oh, and you only have one really old car to complete the event. Good luck.

Buckle up, fall in love, and find happiness. Not just in their company, but in life itself, and all of the limitless experiences it offers. You have to keep going, and you can’t give up. They are your friends, and they are there for you. Coming of age isn’t looking so bad now, because together, you are The Underground Kings.

My Projects

My work is below, all in the same Winiverse, and all somehow connected.

There are Short Stories that I do from time to time to jog my creativity.

Episodic Specials are short stories that I found impossible to keep short. They’ll have content released from time to time, and I’ll let you know so you can enjoy!

Series Works are the big hitters. These are books that follow their own sub-chronology, taking their main characters through journeys spanning multiple volumes and sequels.

So you want to know about me?

I’m a Mechanical Engineer moonlighting as an aspiring novelist. I’m a car enthusiast. I’m a nerd. I’m a science feign. I’m your typical loving husband and father, but I have a psychological issue:

I can’t stop writing and telling stories. I plan on sharing them with you, my cherished readers and fans, for free.


What is this place?

Think of it as a personal outlet for over a decade of writing and development. I’m an indie author, with one finished book and loads of material awaiting release. It’s hard in the publishing industry, so why not do it my way?

What is Winiverse?

Winiverse is a fictional universe closely related to our own. It’s my baby, and all of my novels take place within its chronology. I believe in the little things that matter, so every character means something to the bigger picture.

These are stories that take place starting in the present day, and take you all the way into the distant future. It shows humanity’s struggles, on both a micro and macro scale. There are multiple genres, and through them you will find a story for every reader.

You see a child grow up, you see wars unfold, you see some fall in love, and some lose it all. You walk with characters through their darkest hours and their brightest moments. You take to the stars and warp through space, exploring worlds never seen before. You find reasons to live, to feel, and laugh. There is sorrow, as well as triumph. There is pain, and erotic pleasure.

Take your pick and lose yourself. Stay tuned!


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